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Mortgage interest rates at RNKB

For clarity, below is a table with interest rates for current mortgage programs at RNKB.

For those borrowers who refuse the service of insuring their health and life, the loan rate automatically increases by 0.5 percentage points. to the base value.

CONCLUSION: In general, the level of mortgage rates in RNKB is slightly higher than in a number of the largest Russian TOP-10 banks.

Which banks provide mortgages in Crimea in 2020?

The mortgage market in Crimea began to gradually recover.

Today, RNKB and Rossiya can offer mortgage lending programs. GenBank will soon begin providing mortgage lending services.

Crimeans can take out a mortgage on housing from foreign banks. However, the mortgage in this case is issued in foreign currency . And given the unstable situation in the country, as well as daily fluctuations in exchange rates, residents of the peninsula are in no hurry to turn to foreign banks.

RNKB mortgage calculator

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datePaymentMain debtInterestBalance owedEarly repayments

The mortgage calculator of the Russian National Commercial Bank will help you calculate the main indicators for the loan being issued:

  • the amount of overpayment for the entire period;
  • the amount of monthly payments;
  • the level of family income required to service the debt.

After entering the necessary loan parameters, our service will present the information received in a visual tabular and graphical form and allow you to draw conclusions about the feasibility of concluding a loan agreement.

In addition, the tool has the ability to adjust the schedule taking into account the use of financial assistance funds from the state (maternity capital) and early payments.

Procedure for completing an online application on the official website

First of all, you need to go to the bank’s website in the “Mortgage” section.

Before filling out an online application, it is best to familiarize yourself with a loan calculator, which has built-in mortgage calculation functions. It includes a section for new buildings, the secondary market, a simple mortgage - a minimum of documents, a secured loan. With its help, you can find out about the benefits provided and calculate future loan payments yourself.

  1. Next, you need to select the purpose for receiving the loan . This could be obtaining finished or under construction housing. As well as refinancing an existing loan or a loan secured by real estate.
  2. Then the region for purchasing real estate is selected . The maximum amount that can be lent depends on this. It differs depending on the region.
  3. After this, the cost of the purchased property, the type of government support, as well as the loan amount, its term and down payment . In addition, the borrower’s personal data : date of birth, full name, mobile phone and email. Next, you need to enter the code sent to your phone number to confirm your application.

After filling out, you can once again familiarize yourself with the terms of the selected type of mortgage loan in the “More details about the product” tab. It is also possible to use digital profile data to fill out using State Services.

Preferential categories of citizens and their mortgage benefits

The Bank has established a list of categories of borrowers that are recognized as preferential and can qualify for a loyal attitude and favorable lending conditions. Beneficiaries include:

  • parents of disabled children;
  • large families;
  • war veterans;
  • persons exposed to radiation as a result of the Chernobyl disaster;
  • rehabilitated peoples and their descendants.

Each person belonging to any of the listed categories has the opportunity to receive a reduced interest rate.

Housing requirements

Real estate purchased with borrowed funds and transferred to the bank as collateral must also meet certain requirements. Housing must:

  • be provided with all necessary communications (hot and cold water supply, heating system, sewerage, electricity, etc.);
  • have windows, roof, doors, plumbing in good condition;
  • be in a condition suitable for living (for secondary housing).

The bank will not accept dilapidated, emergency, social housing or housing subject to demolition as collateral. There is also a high probability of refusal if you purchase a room in a dorm or a share in an apartment/house.

The key factor for the lender is the high liquidity of the property, that is, the ability to quickly sell it at least at its appraised value.

Mortgage in Crimea at Genbank

Since 2020, on behalf of the government of the peninsula, Genbank has begun implementing a mortgage lending program.

As of 2020, the bank has not yet launched this program, however, as the bank’s management assures, Crimeans will soon be able to take out a mortgage for a new building, a new building with state support, or for secondary housing.

To find out whether the bank issues mortgages in Crimea, anyone can write to the online chat operator on the bank’s official website – www.genbank.ru.

Procedure for obtaining a mortgage

The process of obtaining a mortgage loan at RNKB is quite standard and includes the following steps:

  1. Search for the property being purchased.
  2. Collecting a package of necessary papers.
  3. Concluding a preliminary agreement with the seller.
  4. Real estate appraisal in a bank-accredited appraisal company.
  5. Submitting a loan application.
  6. If the decision is positive, the conclusion of a loan agreement and a mortgage agreement.
  7. Payment of the down payment by transfer to the seller's bank account.
  8. Registration of the transaction and encumbrance of property.
  9. Payment of the remaining amount to the seller.

The bank's decision on most proposed programs remains in force for 4 months. Submission of documents and applications is carried out at any bank service office.

Basic requirements for potential borrowers and purchased real estate

Persons who meet certain requirements can apply for a military mortgage from RNKB. And in particular:

  • Citizens of the Russian Federation.
  • At least 21 years of age, but the potential borrower should not be over forty-five years old on the scheduled loan closing date.
  • A participant in the savings-mortgage system who has the right to receive a targeted housing loan. The period of participation in the NIS must be at least three years at the time of application.

A military mortgage at RNKB can only be issued for certain real estate properties that are accredited by this financial organization. And at the same time apartments:

  • Must not be in disrepair or dilapidated condition.
  • Should not be registered for major repairs with resettlement.
  • Hot and cold water supply to the kitchen and bathroom must be provided.
  • Must have working plumbing, as well as doors, windows and a roof (the last requirement is relevant for apartments that are located on the top floors of houses).

Please note that the requirement to have working plumbing equipment does not apply to apartments located in new buildings. However, communications must be connected to the facility, that is, a sewer system, central water supply and electricity.

If you would like to receive detailed information about military mortgages from RNKB, contact the specialists of the Military Mortgage Company. Call 8 (800) 700-24-96, our representative will answer any questions you may have.

Mortgage lending PJSC RNKB

Purpose of the loanPurchasing an apartment, a residential building with a land plot, concluding an agreement for participation in shared construction.
Amount of creditThe maximum loan amount is calculated based on the interest rate and loan term.
Interest rate (% per annum)8.65% per annum.
Credit termFrom 3 to 15 years. No more than until the borrower reaches 45 years of age on the loan repayment date.
Minimum down payment From 10%.
Payment typeAnnuity.
Loan collateralMortgage of the purchased residential premises (formed as a mortgage by force of law).
Application feeAbsent.
Loan issue feeAbsent.
Early repaymentCarried out without restrictions.
Region of the purchased apartmentRepublic of Crimea, the federal city of Sevastopol, the city of Moscow and the Moscow region.
InsuranceThe risk of loss or damage to the mortgaged item.
Requirement for the BorrowerParticipation in the NIS and the right to receive CLP.
Required documents
  • Application form (according to the Bank's form).
  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • NIS participant certificate.

Debt settlement

If the borrower is late in paying the current monthly payment, the bank charges a penalty in the amount of 7.25% per annum for each overdue day on the amount of the overdue principal and accrued interest.

If the client is recognized as a willful defaulter, the bank goes to court with the intention of collecting the debt in its favor. If the client confirms the temporary nature of the circumstances that have arisen, then the lender may well make concessions and agree either to a credit holiday or to refinancing.

Three banks in Crimea that issue mortgage loans

  1. RNKB is the most popular company among residents of the peninsula, which offers its clients a wide range of credit products. There are programs here for purchasing housing in a new building, for purchasing an apartment on the secondary market, and for receiving cash secured by real estate, etc. The interest rate starts from 10% per annum, the minimum down payment is from 15%, the contract term is up to 20 years. You can study all the proposals in this article;
  2. The Bank of Russia has only three programs: for finished housing, for housing under construction and for refinancing an existing mortgage. The interest starts from 9.3% per year, it depends on the selected product, amount, term, and category of the borrower. You will need to deposit at least 15% of your own funds, the repayment period is up to 300 months. They give out from 300 thousand to 15 million rubles. There is a special offer for the military;
  3. Kraiinvestbank - here you can get a loan for the purchase of housing in a new building (rate from 9.4%, down payment from 15%), as well as on the secondary market (LP from 10%). They issue from 350 thousand for a period from 3 to 30 years. There is also a special program for those who receive EDV - they can be credited at 9.5% per annum.

We have collected original reviews on this topic here, reviews from real people, many comments, worth reading.

Interest rate per year:
Duration (months):
Amount of credit:
Monthly payment:
Total you will pay:
Overpayment on loan

You can use our advanced calculator with the ability to build a payment schedule and calculate early repayment on this page.

Loan without refusalLoan with arrearsUrgently with your passportCard loans at 0% Installment cardsEarning money from home

Pros and cons of mortgages at RNKB

Main advantages:

  • variety of mortgage programs;
  • significant amount of funds issued (up to 15 million);
  • the opportunity to participate in social projects (family, military mortgage, maternity capital);
  • loyal attitude towards clients;
  • minimum package of papers.


  • the narrow focus of the bank’s activities only on residents of Sevastopol and other populated areas of Crimea;
  • increased rates (compared to other large banks of the Russian Federation);
  • payments only by debiting money from the borrower's account.

Mortgage in Crimea at Rossiya Bank

In this bank you can get a mortgage under the following programs:

  • military mortgage;
  • finished and under construction housing;
  • housing under construction. Third party individuals.

To have even the slightest opportunity to get a mortgage, the borrower must meet the following requirements:

  • Russian citizenship is mandatory;
  • registration at the place where the loan was received - at least 6 months;
  • The borrower's age is from 21 years, the maximum age at the time of loan repayment is 60 years;
  • work experience – at least 12 months; at the last place of work - at least 6 months;
  • pledge of purchased real estate is required.
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