Unsustainable mortgage? The government borrower assistance program is working!

What is the federal mortgage assistance program?

The Government of the Russian Federation has approved a program to help borrowers who previously took out a mortgage on their home. Citizens who found themselves in difficult financial situations could claim some privileges.

People who managed to submit documents under this program before March 7 have the right to count on assistance from the state for mortgage holders.

The specificity of the program was that citizens could receive the amount of 600 thousand rubles. The documents had to be submitted to the AHML.

Since 2020, a new resolution has been approved regarding the restructuring of the mortgages of citizens in difficult financial situations.

Which banks support government-backed mortgages?

All state banks work with these programs. Most often, citizens turn to the largest bank - Sberbank. The financial institution offers quite favorable conditions and provides special programs and promotions for the purchase of housing in new buildings. However, if citizens do not have a document confirming their income, then they will need to pay half the cost of housing at once. VTB 24 is also popular, but insurance for home safety, life and health is required. In general, a home loan can be obtained from various credit institutions in the country or AHML.

Mortgage restructuring

The Government of the Russian Federation established the operation of the program by Resolution No. 961 of the Russian Federation dated August 11, 2020.

The maximum amount of compensation for each restructured mortgage loan is equal to 30% of the balance, but not more than 1,500 thousand rubles.

By refinancing, the loan rate is reduced and payment in installments is provided.

If government assistance is involved in the refinancing program, then it is the government that pays the bank more than half of the interest. It turns out that the bank reduces the client’s financial burden and at the same time does not lose its money.

Under the refinancing program, an additional condition must be met: a year has passed since the date of conclusion of the loan agreement.


Large families are not subject to the terms of the program regarding the square footage and cost of housing.

Only bona fide borrowers who have experienced financial difficulties due to loss of employment or reduction in income can qualify for the restructuring program. In this case, you will have to document the deterioration of your financial situation.

Algorithm of actions during restructuring:

  1. Contact AHML with an application for restructuring. List of documents for participation in the program:
  2. mortgage agreement;
  3. extract from the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs for real estate;
  4. certificate of family earnings for the last 3 months;
  5. certificate from the bank about the debt;
  6. documentation confirming a valid reason for the restructuring. This is a sample list of documentation. It is recommended to check a more accurate list on site.
  7. An application for refinancing is reviewed within ten days.
  8. If a positive decision is received, the client will pay the mortgage according to the new schedule.

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The financial crisis is not yet a reason to panic. You can always find a way out of a difficult situation. Mortgages with government support will always help solve citizens' problems. The main thing is to ask for help in time.

What documents will be required

Depending on the reasons for restructuring, the number of certificates may vary:

  1. Passports of the parties to the agreement (borrower, co-borrower, mortgagor, family members).
  2. Certificates of social status - certificate of a combat veteran, VTEC certificate of disability, birth certificates, certificates of family composition, from a university, extract from the Pension Fund.
  3. Certificates evidencing income - work books, 2-personal income tax, certificate from the central tax center on the amount of benefits.
  4. Real estate appraisal report, registration certificate.
  5. Loan agreement.
  6. Application and questionnaire according to the bank form.
  7. Insurance for the mortgaged apartment, receipts for contributions.

If there is a co-borrower, he is also required to prepare a package of documents.

Who is eligible for government assistance in writing off the principal debt on a mortgage?

There are preferential categories of citizens who, first of all, have the right to count on government assistance for mortgage lending:

  • Young families under 35 years of age with children.
  • Participants in combat operations.
  • Disabled people and citizens raising disabled children.
  • Large families.
  • Persons who are guardians of one or more children.
  • and so on.

Only citizens of the Russian Federation can count on mortgage benefits. Also, to obtain a privilege, the apartment must meet certain requirements:

The square footage of the room should not exceed the norm
  • One-room apartment - 45 sq. m.;
  • Two-room apartment – ​​65 sq.m. m.;
  • Three-room apartment - 85 sq.m. m.
Cost per square meter of real estateIt cannot be more than 60% of the average price of the same apartment.
ApartmentThe only property owned.

Therefore, in order not to be refused, it is necessary to check whether the person meets the above conditions.

Conditions for providing support to mortgage borrowers

Now let's figure out who can get help. In accordance with current legislation, citizens can count on assistance with mortgage difficulties if they simultaneously meet the following conditions (listed below):

1 mandatory condition - categories of borrowers.

The borrower (joint and several debtors) is a citizen of the Russian Federation belonging to one of the following categories:

  • citizens who have one or more minor children or are guardians (trustees) of one or more minor children;
  • citizens who are disabled or have disabled children;
  • citizens who are combat veterans;
  • citizens whose dependents are persons under the age of 24 who are students, students (cadets), graduate students, adjuncts, residents, assistant trainees, interns and full-time students.

Condition 2 - change in the financial situation of the borrower (joint and several debtors).

To receive assistance, it is necessary that the average monthly total income of the family of the borrower (joint and several debtors), calculated for 3 months preceding the date of filing the application for restructuring, after deducting the amount of the planned monthly payment on the loan (loan), calculated for the date preceding the date of filing the application for restructuring , does not exceed for each family member of the borrower (joint and several debtor) twice the subsistence minimum established in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in whose territory the persons whose income was taken into account in the calculation live.

New condition. At the same time, the average monthly total income of the family of the borrower (joint and several debtors) in the calculation period is equal to the sum of the average monthly income of the borrower (joint and several debtors) and members of his family and the amount of the planned monthly payment on the credit (loan), calculated on the date preceding the date of filing the application for restructuring, increased no less than 30 percent compared to the size of the planned monthly payment calculated on the date of conclusion of the credit agreement (loan agreement).

Thus, despite the fact that the assistance program is designed not only for foreign currency borrowers, its condition of increasing the monthly payment by 30% suggests that this program will be able to benefit mainly from citizens who have taken out a mortgage in foreign currency.

Condition 3 – location of the property and official registration of the mortgage.

According to current requirements, the object must be located on the territory of Russia, and must also be registered as collateral. Read about the procedure for applying for a mortgage in the article at the link.

Condition 4 – requirements for room area.

Assistance is provided if the residential premises, including residential premises, the right of claim to which arises from the share participation agreement does not exceed:

  • 45 sq. meters - for a room with 1 living room;
  • 65 sq. meters - for a room with 2 living rooms;
  • 85 sq. meters - for a room with 3 or more living rooms/

For reference. Condition on the minimum cost of 1 sq. meters of total area is excluded.

Condition 5 – the only housing.

Assistance is provided only if there is only one place to live. In this case, it is allowed to have a total share of the mortgagor and his family members in the ownership of no more than 1 other residential premises in the amount of no more than 50 percent.

Important. Compliance with these conditions is confirmed by a simple written statement from the borrower. The borrower is not required to provide information from the Unified State Register of Real Estate. Joint Stock Company "Housing Mortgage Lending Agency" verifies the information provided by the borrower in accordance with this subparagraph.

Condition 6 – term for concluding the loan agreement.

Support is provided only for those loans for which the agreement was concluded at least 12 months before the date the borrower submits an application for restructuring, except in cases where the mortgage loan (loan) was provided for the purpose of full repayment of the debt on the housing mortgage loan (loan) provided at least 12 months before the date the borrower submits the restructuring application.

New exceptions. Clause 9 of the new Conditions of the program (as amended by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated August 11, 2017 N 961) stipulates that in the event of non-compliance with no more than two conditions provided for in clause 8 of this document, payment of compensation under the program is allowed in accordance with the decision of the interdepartmental commission in the manner provided for by the regulations on the interdepartmental commission.

Requirements for borrowers

Basic conditions that the borrower must meet to apply for a subsidy:

  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation.
  • Income below the subsistence level.
  • The loan was taken in Russia.
  • A significant decrease in income over the last three months or dismissal from work.

If we consider a foreign currency mortgage, then you can ask for help if the debt has increased with the increase in the exchange rate.

Here are the main requirements for subsidizing and restructuring mortgage loans. However, if a person just wants to get a preferential mortgage, he must be solvent, and accordingly have a good salary, which must exceed the subsistence level.

Other types of mortgage subsidies

There are several subsidy programs for citizens of the Russian Federation. They often depend on the region of residence. Therefore, it is recommended to check their availability at your place of residence. The main types of subsidies are:

  • Reducing the interest rate on the loan.
  • Assistance programs for young families under 35 years of age.
  • Replacing a foreign currency loan with a ruble loan.
  • Various types of housing programs.
  • Participation of maternity capital in repaying the mortgage or down payment.

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A person may be denied a subsidy or use of a particular program. However, usually this is due solely to an incorrectly submitted package of documentation or failure to fulfill the terms of the loan agreement.

To whom is it provided?

Mortgage with state support 2020 and a young family, as a program as a whole, the target value is to provide the necessary conditions for citizens to build or purchase personal housing. The principle of state assistance is free of charge, but a preferential loan can only be received once for one family. To achieve this, the government agency must cooperate with banking institutions.

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To obtain a mortgage with state support, applicants must comply with certain requirements, which can be adjusted in each individual region. However, the prerequisites include:

  • The age of applicant-borrowers under the program to help young families should not exceed thirty-five years (if one of the spouses is older, it will no longer be possible to use the program);
  • Availability of permanent registration at the place of filing the corresponding application for ten years in cities of federal significance (in other localities this period is slightly shorter);
  • Availability of Russian citizenship;
  • No criminal record or records of other illegal actions.

At the same time, you can even get in line to receive benefits using an electronic queue on the official website of the local municipal authority.

Subsidizing housing loans for young families

This program applies to young families under 35 years of age. With a certain package of papers, you must go to the Office of the Housing Policy Department under the administration in the city of residence.


  • Identity cards for all family members, including children.
  • Documents confirming unsatisfactory living conditions.
  • A statement is written on the spot.

It is recommended to check with the administration at your place of residence for the full package of required documentation.

If the family qualifies for the mortgage assistance program, within ten days it is issued a certificate that can be used as a down payment or repayment of an existing mortgage loan, if one has already been issued.

A family can participate in the subsidy program if:

  • The actual squares per person are less than the legal norm.
  • One of the family members is under 35 years old.
  • Housing conditions have not deteriorated over the past 5 years.

According to the program, you can compensate 30% of the cost of housing, if you have children, then 40%.

The borrower pays the rest of the amount himself.

You can receive assistance from the state under such a program if the family is recognized as in need of housing. At the same time, the income of the social unit must be sufficient to repay the loan.

General conditions of all mortgage programs with state support in 2020

A Russian citizen who complies with all the requirements can become a participant in the state mortgage lending program.

The general conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan and housing are as follows:

  1. Only a citizen of the Russian Federation can participate in the program; one spouse must represent the family.
  2. The citizen must prepare an initial fee - he will have to pay an initial fee of 20% of the total loan amount. This condition does not apply to young specialists.
  3. The interest rate per year is 12%. They don’t give loans at a lower interest rate, but according to the new legislation, the state will pay 6% for large families. And the remaining 6% are themselves.
  4. The loan is issued in Russian currency – rubles.
  5. The loan can be extended for 30 years, no more.
  6. Property must be insured.
  7. Funds allocated from the state budget will be spent only on the primary real estate market. That is, it will be possible to purchase housing only in a new, newly created facility that is not yet in operation. The exception is military personnel.
  8. Housing issued with a mortgage will have to comply with space requirements. One citizen is entitled to 32 sq.m., two – 48 sq.m. And if there are children in the family, then 18 sq.m. is added to these indicators. for each family member. If the family wanted to get more square meters, then they will be able to get them, but they will pay for them separately and independently.
  9. A citizen participating in the program must prove his right to participate with documentation.
  10. Another important requirement is official employment. It is not spelled out in some programs, but most often the state meets halfway those citizens who are officially employed and have at least some income reflected on paper.

Other requirements will relate to the specific program that the Russian will choose.

We recommend that you initially review all the papers, read all the conditions - and only then take out a mortgage from the state.

If you have any doubts, you can check the documents with a lawyer. Provide him with copies or the original of the contract. You can also submit an application for participation in the program from a lawyer.

Mortgage subsidy for the birth of a second child

When a second child is born in a family, she also has the right to apply for the “young family - affordable housing” program and pay off the mortgage with the help of the state. However, if this right has not been used before.

Additionally, at the birth of the second offspring, the community unit receives a certificate for the use of “Maternity Capital”. It can be used as a down payment on a mortgage or to pay off a previously taken out mortgage. Now, the amount of this assistance from the state is 453,026 rubles.

How to get a mortgage for pensioners

Banks have reconsidered their attitude regarding mortgages to pensioners. Some of them are now issuing housing categories to such citizens. However, you shouldn't count on a long-term loan at age 60. Banks issue mortgages to pensioners for no more than 10 years. Exceptions are citizens who retired early.

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Citizens who have retired can count on a mortgage using two documents:

  • Pensioner's ID.
  • Passport.

However, the bank's decision will have to wait quite a long time. If the borrower's pension allows him to pay the mortgage, his loan will be approved.

A working pensioner has a better chance of getting a mortgage.

Mortgage interest rate reduction

To reduce the interest rate on an existing mortgage from the state in Sberbank, there are two ways:

  • Personal appeal;
  • Online application.

To do this, you need to go to the manager of the credit institution and write an application for a reduction in the interest rate.

The manager must be informed that you want to reduce the interest rate on the loan based on a decrease in the key rate of the Central Bank.

In general, a copy of your passport and application is sufficient to apply. However, sometimes a manager may request:

  • Mortgage agreement.
  • Documents for the apartment.

Therefore, in order to avoid going to the bank twice, it is better to call the manager and clarify what you need to take with you.


The possibility of reducing the rate is stated in the mortgage agreement. If the borrower does not find such a clause there, you can still try to reduce the rate. After all, writing an application will not be difficult, and you can send it online in 20 minutes.

Subsidizing mortgage interest rates

State assistance in paying off mortgages is also provided in the form of a tax deduction. A person who bought an apartment with a mortgage and has an official place of employment can claim a refund of interest paid to the bank in the amount of 13%.

How to get help, there are main steps:

  1. Collect documents:
  2. Mortgage agreement;
  3. Receipts confirming payment of the loan and interest;
  4. Declaration for the year;
  5. A certificate from work confirming that income tax has been paid for the year.
  6. Come with documents to the Federal Tax Service and write an application for deduction.
  7. Within two to three months, the inspection will pay compensation of 13% of the interest paid to the bank.

Before going to the inspection, it is recommended to make photocopies of all documentation. This will save time spent at the Federal Tax Service.

The state tries to help its citizens. Therefore, various state programs of financial assistance are developed annually, including regarding mortgages. After all, this type of mortgage loan is for many people the only option for purchasing real estate.

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