Social mortgage in Kazan - How to get it? Who is entitled to it?

Social mortgage in the Republic of Tatarstan

One type of mortgage lending is the “Social Mortgage under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan” program, which has been operating in the Republic of Tatarstan since 2005. It was created in order to help citizens in dire need of housing. The assistance consists of providing conditions that are more favorable than with standard mortgage programs. When registering social With a mortgage in the Republic of Tatarstan, the borrower receives the following benefits:

  1. The cost per square meter of housing is below market value.
  2. Low interest rate compared to those offered on general terms.
  3. Writing off part of the debt at the birth of a child.
  4. An agreement based on guarantees, for example, not to increase the interest rate.

Provided that the citizen meets the required parameters, he collects the necessary package of documents and gets in line. When it’s his turn, he will be notified and he will be able to sign up for a social mortgage. You can monitor the progress of your queue on the state website. RT services.

Similar programs are coming to the regions after a successful launch in the center of Russia, which means that the “social mortgage” program has been sufficiently tested and works well.

The following banks participate in this program:

  • Sberbank;
  • VTB;
  • "AK Bars".

Who can count on a social mortgage

A person who wants to take out an apartment with a social mortgage in Kazan for state employees must meet the following conditions:

  1. Citizen of the Russian Federation with permanent registration on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  2. Public sector employee.
  3. An income level that guarantees the ability to pay mortgage payments on time.
  4. All able-bodied family members must be employed.
  5. No more than 18 sq. m of housing per member of his family, or recognition of the housing as dilapidated or unfit for habitation.

Family members are the parents, children and spouse of the applicant, if they live and are registered with him.

In addition to working in a budget organization, there is another way to get a social mortgage in Kazan. This program can be used by employees of organizations that financed the social mortgage lending program. You can find out about this from your employer's accounting department. In this case, the requirement is that there be no more than 18 square meters per person. m. there is no housing.

There are other programs for obtaining preferential mortgages in the Republic of Tatarstan: for young families and for young teachers.

Who can apply for benefits?

Mortgages for public sector employees in Kazan can be provided to a fairly wide category of borrowers. Their list includes:

  • state and municipal employees;
  • law enforcement officials (judges, police officers, etc.);
  • military personnel;
  • persons involved in the fields of healthcare and education (doctors, teachers, kindergarten teachers);
  • scientists;
  • employees of social funds.

Important disclaimer. When applying for a mortgage, benefits for state employees are provided only once. So, if an employee, having taken advantage of a social program, and even fully repaid the loan received, after some time changed his place of work, while remaining a civil servant or an employee of an organization financed from the budget (it does not matter, federal or local), raise the question of re-borrowing he is no longer entitled to a preferential loan.

In addition, only those public sector employees who really need to improve their living conditions and can document this can apply for participation in the relevant programs.

Young family

Many people equate a mortgage for young families with a social mortgage, but this is a slightly different program that has been in effect since 1997 and is called “Providing housing for young families.” It is designed to support young families in their desire to purchase an apartment. Issued for the purchase of housing in the Republic of Tatarstan under the following conditions:

  • an official marriage entered into no earlier than 3 years ago, but if there is a child, the duration of the marriage does not matter;
  • the age of at least one of the spouses does not exceed 35 years at the beginning of the year;
  • both have permanent registration in the Republic of Tatarstan;
  • each of them accounts for no more than 12 square meters. m. of housing.

The main advantage of such a program is a subsidy of 30% of the cost of housing, which increases by 5% for families with minor children. The conditions are slightly different from the conditions of social mortgages in Kazan.

It is necessary to collect documents for both spouses, since with this program they participate in the loan in equal shares. But a family of only one parent and at least one child can participate.

Young teachers

The Young Teachers program has been created to support teachers. To participate, you must meet the following criteria:

  • age no more than 35 years;
  • work as a teacher in a state educational institution for at least 3 years;
  • ability to pay fees.

A young teacher can receive a subsidy to make a down payment. The amount of the contribution is determined by the cost of the apartment and amounts to up to 40% of its cost.

How having a child helps pay off debt

If, after a family has taken out a social mortgage for housing, a child is born to it, then it receives 200 thousand rubles. to pay off debt.

If a second child is born in a family, then, according to the laws of the Republic of Tajikistan, you can receive maternity capital for it, which can be used to improve living conditions. For 2020, this capital is just over 450 thousand rubles.

If the mortgage is taken out as part of the “Affordable Housing for Young Families” program, the family receives state support to repay the mortgage in an amount equivalent to the cost of 18 sq. m. m., in their apartment. The amount cannot exceed the balance of the debt and 1.5 thousand minimum wage.

The city program “Housing for Citizens,” which was renewed in 2020, continues to operate in Kazan. First Deputy Head of the Executive Committee Azat Nigmatzyanov spoke about how it is being implemented, where buildings have already been built under this program and where houses will be built in 2020.

The operator of the Housing for Citizens program is the Directorate of Municipal Housing Programs. At the moment, within the framework of the program, which began back in 2007, was later suspended, and then adjusted and relaunched, houses were built on Dubravnaya, Bratev Kasimov, Akademika Zavoisky, Vosstaniya streets, F. Amirkhan Avenue (house No. 99) and on the street 2nd South-West.

Apartments in houses built under the municipal program “Housing for Citizens” are intended for citizens registered for housing under a social tenancy agreement. In addition, housing in them is also provided as compensation instead of objects seized for municipal needs. The program participants may also include municipal employees and young scientists at the recommendation of the mayor of Kazan.

In the near future, it is planned to complete the construction of three 9-story buildings on the street. Yutazinskaya (Moskovsky district, Levchenko village). The total number of apartments in this project is 216, the area is almost 10 thousand square meters. m. The first building with 72 apartments was put into operation in 2020. Construction of the second is planned to be completed this year, and a year later, in 2019, the third building will be put into operation, Nigmatzyanov said.

Help from The Housing for City Residents program provides an opportunity to purchase housing in installments on preferential terms. Program participants can become:

— citizens registered to receive housing under a social rental agreement;

— veterans of the Great Patriotic War;

- defrauded shareholders;

— citizens whose houses and plots are confiscated for municipal needs;

- municipal employees, young scientists and other people on the waiting list as recommended by the head of the municipality.

The program provides for the provision of housing in installments at 7 or 11% per annum depending on the category of participants with a maximum installment period of up to 20 years and a minimum down payment of 30% (a sum of money can be paid as a down payment and/or residential premises owned by the applicant or his family members).

Criteria for participation in the “Housing for Citizens” program:

- an application for registration under this preferential program can be submitted by citizens of the Russian Federation registered at a permanent place of residence in the city of Kazan, carrying out official labor activities or having another official independent source of income (including a pension) - at least 6 months in a row before registration for registration. The place of work does not matter.

— having the financial ability to participate, i.e. having the opportunity to make a down payment, as well as an income that allows them to provide a subsistence minimum for all family members and funds to repay the installment amount (at least 35% of income);

- housing conditions that have not worsened over the last 5 years (deterioration means abandonment of existing residential real estate: sale, donation, refusal of privatization, inheritance, deregistration from an apartment for which a social tenancy agreement has been concluded, etc.).

At the time of submitting the application, the applicant for participation and his family must have living conditions with a square footage less than the area standard (less than 18 sq. m of total area for each family member).

You can find out about all the conditions for participation in the municipal program “Housing for Citizens” here.

What kind of real estate can be purchased under this program?

But you can’t take any apartment, but only an apartment in buildings that are designed specifically for this program. The square meter of housing in such apartments is below market value, which adds benefits.

Houses with a social mortgage in Kazan, or so-called social houses, have been built or are still being built in the aircraft manufacturing, Kirov, Volga, Vakhitovsky and Sovetsky districts. The largest project is considered to be the Salavat Kupere residential complex, which is actively being built in the Kirovsky district.

Special residential complex

In the ecological zone, near the village of Zalesny, there are 2 residential complexes. These are the Raduzhny residential complex and the Salavat Kupere residential complex. If the first one is built for commercial sale, then the second one is built specifically to solve housing problems for the needy population.

It is planned to develop more than 350 hectares with houses in the Salavat Kupere residential complex and accommodate about 40 thousand people. Since there are a lot of houses that are divided into blocks, there are also a lot of contractors. In connection with the construction, several scandals arose related to delays in completion and increased prices per sq. m. m. As the developers explained, the issue was due to difficulties with financing the State Housing Fund. But in 2020, things moved forward thanks to the attention of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan. And by mid-September 2020, the authorities plan to commission 15 houses in 10–13 blocks. The President of the Republic of Tatarstan believes that all the resources are available for this. How realistic these plans are can be judged by the fact that in the 10th quarter the houses are almost ready for occupancy. It is planned to begin construction of a school for more than 1 thousand children.

Conditions of receipt

They are different for each of the announced programs.

When receiving a social mortgage in Kazan, the conditions are as follows:

  • down payment of no less than 10 and no more than 30%;
  • maximum term 28 years;
  • rate 7% per annum.

When receiving a mortgage under the “Young Family” program:

  • down payment of at least 10%;
  • the interest rate depends on the bank, on average 11% per annum;
  • maximum term 20 years.

Upon receipt under the “Young Teachers” program:

  • down payment from 10%;
  • rate from 8.5%;
  • maximum term 30 years;
  • the cost of housing is no more than 11 million rubles.

Mortgage promotion from Sberbank

Sberbank of Russia has a separate mortgage program, which is provided exclusively for young families where at least one of the spouses has not yet turned 35 years old. At the same time, there are no need criteria; anyone can get such a mortgage if they meet the bank’s requirements:

  • Russian citizenship,
  • permanent registration in one of the regions of the Russian Federation,
  • age from 21 years,
  • total work experience from 12 months, at the last place of work - from 6 months (for salary clients from 3),
  • positive credit history,
  • permanent, official employment.

You can take out a loan with or without proof of income. If you want to take out a mortgage using two documents, then you will need to make a large down payment of 30%, and your interest rate will also be increased.

What are the terms of the preferential loan:

  • amount from 300,000 rubles,
  • interest rate from 10.2% when registering a transaction online (without it – from 10.3%),
  • Which bank will give a mortgage with a bad credit history ⇒

  • down payment from 15%.

What documents need to be collected

For those who want to get an apartment under the “Social Mortgage in Kazan” program, the following documents must be collected:

  • passports of all family members;
  • if citizenship was acquired after 1991, then a certificate from the Federal Migration Service is required;
  • for those who served, military ID;
  • if there are minor children, copies of all birth certificates;
  • a copy of the insurance certificate;
  • TIN;
  • education diplomas;
  • in case of marriage or divorce, a marriage or divorce certificate is required;
  • a copy of work records certified from the place of work;
  • employment certificates of all family members, indicating the date of employment and positions;
  • certificates from educational or educational institutions for minors and students;
  • certificate of income from the place of work in form 2 personal income tax for the last 2 years;
  • certificates of any family income: benefits, scholarships, alimony, etc.;
  • tax certificates and timely filing of returns and payment of taxes.

Documents must be collected for each family member who participates in the program. Further, to confirm living conditions, the following documents are required for the apartment in which the family lives:

  • title deed;
  • an extract from the house register indicating all family members;
  • those. passport from the BTI;
  • a certificate confirming the absence of transactions and alienation processes related to the apartment and its shares;
  • financial personal account indicating the footage;
  • if housing is recognized as unsafe, then an act confirming this fact is required;
  • For those who participate in the program as an employee of an enterprise that has contributed to the development of the program, written permission from the employer is required.

Information on the apartment has been needed since 1991, all certificates are valid for 1 month.

The right to purchase housing with a social mortgage in Kazan.

As for the process of accumulation, preferential conditions for purchasing real estate and lending, everything is quite simple, but the process of obtaining housing more often raises many questions. There are two options for the development of events: receive information from the fund about ready-made objects and take part in a competition for the purchase of housing, or wait in line for the moment when representatives of the fund offer you several apartments to choose from. While the second option is quite understandable, the competition option confuses many. In fact, the idea is quite simple: each participant in the program is assigned a so-called rating, which depends on the amount of savings they have made and the waiting period for housing. Accordingly, the longer you wait for housing and the more money you have managed to save, the higher your rating. Then the following happens: information about available apartments is published on the housing stock website, you send an application for its purchase, if your rating is higher than that of your competitors, you will have the first right to purchase it.

It is worth noting that the choice of apartment under the social mortgage program in Kazan will be somewhat limited depending on the number of family members. So, for single citizens, preferential rates will be set at no more than 33 square meters, for couples this standard will be 42 meters, and in other cases 18 square meters per person. Naturally, the law does not prohibit you from purchasing “extra living space,” but the cost of such meters will no longer be preferential, but market price.

Receiving algorithm

All documents must be copied. If the applicant submits an application through the RT electronic services service, then he must fill out the application electronically on the website and attach scans of all the above-mentioned documents. Review of the electronic application takes 10 working days. After review, the status will appear; if the status “meets the established requirements,” then the originals and photocopies must be taken in person to the Kazan district administration at the place of its registration.

If the applicant is an employee of a commercial organization that has made a contribution to the program, then he takes the package of documents to the housing commission at his place of work.

If the applicant plans to submit an application in person to the district administration, then after collecting documents he must fill out the following documents according to the samples:

  • the application is written according to the sample addressed to the head of local government;
  • questionnaire.

After submitting a package of documents and confirming their authenticity and compliance, the applicant is officially considered to be in need of improved housing conditions and gets on the waiting list. This is followed by the work of several authorities and the transfer of the case to various authorities. You can monitor the progress of the case in your personal account on the state website. RT services.

What housing programs are currently operating in Kazan?

The question of preferential programs in the housing sector invariably turns out to be one of the most asked questions by Kazan residents. The mayor's office explained its details.

Today, 5 federal and republican housing programs continue to operate in Kazan. Among them are the provision of housing to those in need, young families, social mortgages and others.

Providing housing to citizens in need of improved housing conditions under a social tenancy agreement.

The program applies to families with less than 12 square meters per family member. m of total living space. At the same time, their income per each family member should be less than the subsistence level.

We are ready to provide more detailed information in the housing policy departments of the Kazan district administration at your place of residence.

Addresses and telephone numbers of district administrations of Kazan:

— Administration of the Aircraft Building and Novo-Savinovsky districts: Tuesday, from 9.00 to 18.00 at the address: Volgogradskaya st., 32, room 201, tel. 519-34-27;

- Administration of Vakhitovsky and Privolzhsky districts - Wednesday, from 9.00 to 18.00 at the address: Ippodromnaya st., 14, office 13, 14, tel. 277-04-02;

- Administration of the Kirov and Moskovsky districts - Tuesday, from 9.00 to 12.00, Thursday, from 14.00 to 18.00 at the address: Vosstaniya St., 82, room 221, tel. 557-76-11, 557-76-12, 557 -76-37, 557-76-53;

- Administration of the Sovetsky district - Wednesday and Thursday, from 9.00 to 12.00 at the address: Shurtygina st., no. 1, office 22, tel. 272-35-04.

Subprogram “Young Family” of the Federal Target Program “Housing”.

Spouses or single parents are accepted for registration, provided that they are under 35 years of age (each!) and have a total living area of ​​less than 12 square meters. per family member.

How you can become a participant in this program and what documents will be required will be explained in more detail at the district administration at your place of residence (see coordinates above) or at the Committee for Children and Youth Affairs of Kazan at the address: Peterburgskaya St., 70, tel. 238-39 -52.

Program “Housing for Russian families”.

Kazan residents who wish to become participants in this program can purchase economy-class housing (small-area apartments) at fixed prices (no more than 35 thousand rubles/sq.m.). Moreover, such housing is located on federal lands specially allocated on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan for such construction.

More detailed information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan ( or obtained from the administration of your district.

Social mortgage program.

Citizens working in the public sector and having a total residential area of ​​less than 18 square meters are accepted for registration. m per family member. The mayor's office advised Kazan residents to obtain more detailed information at their place of residence, in the administration of their district.

Program “Housing for city residents for 2007-2027”.

This program is designed only for residents of Kazan, i.e. those who are registered in the capital of Tatarstan.

“Citizens who are registered in Kazan at a permanent place of residence and who have been working for at least 6 months in a row before registration are accepted for registration,” the executive committee explained. At the same time, a potential participant in the program must have the financial ability to participate - a down payment from 30% to 100% of the cost of the new apartment and an income that allows to provide a living wage for all family members, plus funds to repay the installment amount (and the repayment should not push the family into poverty - she should spend no more than 35% of her income on it).

Another mandatory condition is the provision of a total living area of ​​less than 18 square meters. m per family member.

More detailed information can be obtained from the Housing Policy Department of the Executive Committee of Kazan: at the address: st. Mislavskogo, 4, room 208, tel. for inquiries and to make an appointment: 292-60-30, office hours: Tuesday, from 13.30 to 17.00, Thursday, from 9.00 to 11.30.

Source: Kazan Real Estate

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